About us

The Curacao Heart Foundation (CHF) is a nonprofit organization operating on the Netherlands Antilles. Most of the foundation's funds are donated by individuals and corporations.

The Curaçao Heart Foundation was officially founded on May 9, 1988. The purpose of the foundation is primarily to provide information about the heart and living a heart healthy life view our website folder information.

Second, the foundation focuses on raising awareness and educating the community about CPR and how to apply this in real live situation. And thirdly, the foundation focuses on programs like AED view our website info @ Curacao Hotspot and "Ban move awor" (Let's Move Now).

The foundation is also the international training center for the organizations of the European Resuscitation Council and the American Heart Association.

In the training center instructors give first aid classes, Basic Life Support (AED & CPR for adults, children, and infants), Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Life Support and the PEARS (Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization).

The courses are recognized on national and international levels. The foundation's motto has always been: Act, Support & Save. We act in emergency situations, we support the victims and the rescuers and we save lives by teaching and equipping the local community (and the Dutch Caribbean islands).

We are the Curaçao Heart Foundation.


Henriette Walle


Valiryenne Cordilia

Office Assistant & Instructor BLS, HS

Peter Damiana

Instructor BLS, ACLS, HS, ERC

Herbert Plantijn

Instructor BLS, HS, ERC

Timothy Cordilia


Joline Hermanus

Instructor BLS, HS, ACLS

Manuel Ponte da Costa

Instructor ACLS, ACLS EP

Irsa Angelista

Instructor PALS

Germain Martina

Instructor BLS, HS, ACLS, PALS

Dulce Alférez

Instructor BLS, HS

Anouk van Eerdewijk

Instructor BLS, HS

Homan Jeung

Instructor BLS, HS

Sidney Paulina

Instructor HS

Nancy René

Instructor PALS

Farah Falix

Instructor PALS

Patricia Philippi

Instructor PALS

Crisja van den Hurk

Instructor PALS

Evelyn van der Plas

Instructor PALS

Janet Schulte


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