AHA Heartsavers BLS Instructor

American Heart Foundation Heartsavers Pediatric Instructor Course

The HS Instructor Course covers core content and discipline-specific content required to teach AHA courses. It prepares instructor candidates to teach AHA instructor-led and blended-learning course formats. This Instructor course educates participants on how to adequately use instructor teaching materials, ensure that students meet learning objectives, offer student coaching skills, provide an objective skills performance evaluation, and follow AHA Instructor and course policies.

Educational Design

In the classroom, faculty will continue preparing instructor candidates to become AHA Instructors by focusing on in-depth material about the disciplines that candidates will be teaching. The hands-on session includes instruction, practice, and an exam, allowing instructor candidates to successfully use their instructor materials and skills. Review the steps to become an instructor in the next section.

Steps to become an instructor

For successful completion, instructor candidates must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Be aligned with Curacao Heart Foundation ITC AHA TC-ID ZL 20540
  3. Have a current AHA HS Provider course completion card
  4. Be proficient in the skills of HS
  5. Complete an Instructor Candidate Application
  6. Successfully complete the online portion of Instructor Essentials https://shopcpr.heart.org/bls-instructor-essentials-online
  7. If the country Curaçao or Netherlands Antilles is not available to choose from, register via the AHA address with your own name. AHA address: 7272 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75231
  8. Register your instructor’s status on the AHA website on the Instructors Network (IN) https://ahainstructornetwork.americanheart.org/AHAECC/ecc.jsp?pid=ahaecc.signin&_requestid=13342
  9. Successfully be monitored teaching 1-2 courses within 6 months after completing the hands-on session of the Instructor Essentials Course (Training Center Coordinators [TCCs] may require additional monitoring, if needed)

Course Material


  • Heartsaver Instructor Essentials Faculty Guide with lesson plans
  • Program Administration Manual
  • Heartsaver student course materials: Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Instructor Manual, lesson plans, and course video (or course DVD)
  • BLS and Heartsaver Instructor Essentials Course videos (or course DVD)

Additional course materials available for Instructors at AHA Instructor Network

Course Completion Card

Upon completion of all course requirements, participants receive a HS Instructor Course Completion Card (eCard) which is valid for two years.


  1. SIGN UP: In case this course is scheduled you will be able to sign up using the "Apply" button or in case it has not you can request information using the "More information" button on this page.
  2. Payment for the HS instructor Course by bank transfer to MCB account 20074600 Curaçaosche Hartstichting to IAHF. Please sent proof of payment.
  3. A minimum of 4-5 participants (NO LESS) is required to organize the HS Instructor hands-on course.
  4. iPads or tablets are allowed during the course. All participants should study & bring their manual/eBooks to the course.
  5. Every participant must wear personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes face mask and gloves.
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