Links to online resources are available through the links below. Please be aware that CHF provides these links as an informational resource only, and is in no way responsible for the accuracy or usefulness of the information provided by third parties.

Heart Related Resources

The following links concern heart related resources that are available on the web.


The American Heart Association

The British Heart Foundation

The German Heart Foundation

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

The Huesman Heart Foundation

The InterAmerican Heart Foundation

The National Heart Foundation of Australia

The Dutch Heart Foundation

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados

Stichting AED Curaçao

Heart Institutes

American Heart and Lung Institute

The Midwest Heart Research Foundation

The Texas Heart Institute

The Victoria Heart Institute Foundation

Curaçao Links

Curaçao Industrial Diving

CyberCur Curaçao Island Information


This section gives you an overview of all the latest news of the CHF and also gives you the opportunity to download the latest newsletter.


The CHF organizes various projects, also we assist interns with the execution of projects which include Ban Move Awor and E Kick di nos Salu.


CHF Publications have been created in the native language of Curacao to help spread the understanding of both heart related diseases and CPR.


The CHF also organizes events which are sometimes recorded and posted online also the CHF LOTUS crew acts out examples of heart disease cases.


Latest Publications

Curaçao Heart Foundation provide people on Curaçao
with information on cardiovascular diseases and prevention.


Asma di Kurason

This folder gives an overview of what heart failure entails and how you can prevent this and what to do when this occurs.

Atake di Advertensia Selebral

This folder gives an overview of what a TIA entails. Also how to prevent this.

Atake i Paro di Kurason

In this publication the common heart attack is discussed, what it is, what can be done when it occurs and how to prevent it.

Atake di Selebro

This publication deals with all the complications surrounding a stroke.  How to prevent this and what can be done when it occurs.